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May 14, 2018 @ 12:00 am

Episode 35: Caroline Donahue on planning, playing the (creative) field, and making room for unheard voices

This week, we are delighted to share our conversation with Caroline Donahue, a book coach and host of the wonderful Secret Library podcast and co-editor of the forthcoming anthology, I Wrote it Anyway. Caroline has so much great advice that we've decided she's our new spiritual adviser. In the episode, she talks about her planning process, giving creative projects time to root and grow (and not worrying about being too faithful to them), and her incredible publishing project, I Wrote it Anyway. Produced with Dal Kular, the short story anthology features writers who felt blocks to writing, either internal or due to the outside world, schedule, lack of support, etc, and will be out this fall.

Find out more at, and follow Caroline on Twitter and Instagram @carodonahue.

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Marginally | a podcast about writing, work, and friendship
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