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January 21, 2019 @ 12:03 am

Episode 57: What we learned about other ways of making money

In this season, we've done a series of research episodes, where we comb through the internet to find out answers to how this whole money and writing thing works. Today we are presenting the results of our research on a bucket of stuff we call "everything else":

  • eBooks and self-publishing;
  • Newsletters and Patreon;
  • Speaking; and
  • Online courses.

As always, we have put the sources for our discussion below. This is an introduction on what you can expect to take into account when you're considering pursuing these as income streams. The bottom line is if you're planning for this to replace your day job income, you will need to put a lot of time into it - more or less exchanging one day job for another. And that might be fine, but you should just get ready to hustle.

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Marginally | a podcast about writing, work, and friendship
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