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May 7, 2018 @ 12:00 am

Episode 34: April Critique and May Writing Prompt

In Episode 34, we share our responses to the April writing prompt. If you don't remember, for this one we used the Writer Igniter generator from DIYMFA. We gave you the option of picking/spinning for your own unique combination, or using the one we got when we used it:

Child prodigy + receives the wrong directions + handcuffs + beach

(Spoiler: We discussed the fact that this was not an easy one for us!)

We also go into our segment Everything is Terrible/What's Working Now, which could also be called writer therapy, with Olivia giving Meghan some good advice and then sharing a fun revision breakthrough.

Finally, we share the prompt for May. Send us your responses -- we'd love to read what you've come up with.

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Visit our website,, for complete show notes and to get in touch.

Find us on Instagram @marginallypodcast  Meghan's on Twitter @meghanembee.

Theme music is "It's Time" by Scaricá Ricascá 

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Marginally | a podcast about writing, work, and friendship
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